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An Important Visual ---- Your First Four Steps to Financial Success 

For Employers and Key (High-Producing) Employees-------AND SpousesAND Children of Employers and Key Employees - for tax-deductible ways employers and businesses owners can reward and retain key / high-producing employees AND simultaneously protect the spouses AND children of these employers and employees, kindly view: Retain, Protect AND Deduct--Employers, Employees AND Spouses and Children from AGBianchi JD ChFC ® CLU ®

50 Things a Professional Financial Advisor Will Do for YOU

Retirement planning should be done today.  No matter your age, you'll need to rely on your planning when you choose not to work-----or can't work.  Actions can be delayed, not consequences.  Every action-----and inaction-----will be "validated", with all of our plans and assumptions.  Act before it's "too late" to make adjustments.  Please click below for an article on these important thoughts: The Art of Managing Retirement Assumptions

What retirement plans are available to you?   For a list of the different types of retirement plans available, including contribution limits and helpful information, please see: Retirement Plans Comparisons Brochure for 2014 - from Anthony G. Bianchi, J.D., ChFC ®, CLU ® 

Protect Your Valuable Documents - Do you know where your most important papers and records are?  You can protect your most personal documents, irreplaceable photos, videos and family histories in The Living Balance Sheet® Vault.  The Vault provides an online “safety deposit box” accessible from anywhere with Internet access anytime.  With your valuables in the encrypted Vault, you can have a sense of comfort.  Learn more: 

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Your Family Your Business Your Protection from  Anthony G. Bianchi, J.D*., ChFC ®, CLU ®   You’ve worked long and hard to build your business.  Without you, your business may not have a chance to flourish or succeed.  Meanwhile, what happens to your family, if you’re gone?  If you have a business, or you are a spouse or the child of a business owner, please learn more about this vitally important wealth strategy. Click here to open the article.

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